Brazilian Waxing Durham

Brazilian Waxing, Full Body and Bikini Waxing - Durham
Brazilian Waxing, Full Body and Bikini Waxing - Durham

Removal of body hair is certainly not new.

Ancient Egyptians were doing it long before Carrie Bradshaw and Real Housewives brought Brazilian Waxing to the forefront of popular culture. The idea of paying someone to slather hot wax on your nether regions and pull out the hair by the root may sound crazy to some people, but it is a pretty standard grooming habit of thousands of women who routinely book their appointment every month.

How Did Brazilian Waxing Start in the USA?

The “Brazilian” wax was made popular in the United States by 5 sisters from Brazil who opened a salon in New York City and started offering the service in the late 80’s. As bikinis became smaller each year the need for serious grooming became the standard.

Brazilian Waxing for Men – Durham

Even men are getting smooth. Male grooming has become almost as popular as female waxing. Eyebrows, backs, chests, noses and yes, even brazilian waxing are common services we provide for men.

People just want Smooth Skin

Bikini and body waxing (including Brazilian waxing) has become one of the most requested services in waxing spas for good reason. People want to be free of the chore and irritation of shaving or harsh and messy dipilatories. Waxing lasts a heck of a lot longer and regular waxing by an experienced and skilled Esthetician will lead to smooth beautiful skin with a great reduction in the amount of hair that comes back. Who doesn’t want that?! Smooth skin is nice!


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